Day 18
Pray for the Women of Iran

Being A Woman in Iran

How excited I was! During my first visit to Iran, a family we had met just the day before invited a friend, my husband, and me into a home for dinner. They were kind enough to give us a ride in their car and help us find our hotel. I looked forward to seeing what a typical Persian home was like, how the family interacted, what a meal might be, and where the conversations might take us.

Lela was very hospitable and friendly. My friend knew some Farsi and Lela knew some English, so we muddled along getting to know each other. The conversation soon centered on the lives of women. Lela told us how unlucky it is to be a women in Iran. “The men are much better off,” she said. “They can behave however they want, even hitting their wives with no repercussions.” Lela’s husband and his family were very upset when their daughter was born because she was a girl.

We commented that compared to other Muslim cultures, Iranian women seemed much better situated. Women today comprise more than half of the incoming classes in universities around the country; they are allowed to vote, hold jobs, serve in Parliament, drive, eat together with the men in the family, and go about the city on their own.

Of course, those things are true, she said, but it is the personal happiness for which she longed. She wished for the freedom to dress how she wanted, instead of covering her head with a scarf and wearing a long coat over her clothes. She desired to be able to travel anywhere without having to ask permission from her husband. Especially, she said, she desired the freedom to be a woman without feeling like a lesser person.

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” –John 8:36, NIV

Pray that Lela and the 40 million women like her in Iran will find true liberty in Christ.
Ask God to provide Farsi Scriptures to women so they may read about His love for them through the amazing stories of women in the Bible.