Day 11
Pray God will receive the Glory due His Name in the Talysh language and culture.

There are an estimated 1 million Talysh, a people who live on both sides of the border between Azerbaijan and Iran. Their language and culture were created by God and as a people they are valued by Him. He is sovereign over their placement in history and geography. However, both Azerbaijan and Iran have sought to assimilate the Talysh into their own people.  For example, during Soviet times, the Talysh in Azerbaijan were not even recorded as a separate ethnic group in census data from 1959-1989.  Instead, they were included as part of the Turkic-speaking Azerbaijanis, even though Talysh is a Persian language. To this day, both Iran and Azerbaijan have encouraged the Talysh to simply assimilate into the majority culture.  Reading and speaking the language is discouraged by their governments, but Talysh is still spoken in the many rural villages that dot the landscape.

Pray Talysh people will find their true identity as they are reconciled to their Creator through Jesus the Messiah.

Pray God will be worshipped in the Talysh language and receive the Glory due His name from them.

Pray for a spiritual breakthrough among them and many will become disciples of Jesus.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations [panta ta ethne]…” Matthew 28:19a