Day 25
Pray That The Church in Iran Would Be A Bold Witness To The Gospel

Ancient Beliefs & Traditions

Zoroaster was a Persian prophet from the 6th century BC, who believed he had seen visions of a god. He called this god Ahura Mazda— the creator of all that is good and who alone is worthy of worship. Currently, Zoroastrianism is making a strong comeback inside Iran as people are seeking to replace Islam, an imported religion. Because many believe Islam was forced upon them by invaders, they are replacing it with a religion birthed in their home land.

Pray they will not be driven to select their religion based on nationalism, but on the Truth.

ChaharShanbeh Soori, (the word ChaharShanbeh means “Wednesday” and Soori means “red”) is an ancient festival, dating back to the early Zoroastrian era 4,000 years ago. It is still celebrated the night before the last Wednesday of the year. On this occasion, people make bonfires on the streets and jump over them. They sing, “Your fiery red color is mine, and my sickly yellow paleness is yours.” They believe the fire will take your paleness, sickness, and problems and in turn give you redness, warmth, and energy. The streets come alive with children and people as families spill out of their homes and greet each other.

Pray that the church’s witness will burn brightly like a bonfire on a dark night.
Pray that the Holy Spirit will light a fire in the hearts of His people and that they will display the amazing transforming power of the gospel to unbelievers.