Day 23
Pray That the Bible Will Get Into the Hands of Iranians

Giving God’s Word

Two years ago, Azar wanted to study the Bible to know more about Jesus. She felt there was more to Him than what she had learned from Islam. Azar found a Farsi Bible on the Internet. Over time, she printed every page. Using three reams of paper, she ended up with a Bible nearly a foot tall! An Iranian church planter and his wife met Azar shortly after that. She has come to faith and joined their house church. Azar was thrilled to receive a normal sized Bible from the church. Now she can easily read God’s Word and even carry her own Bible to church.

Over the years, many have labored to get God’s Word into the hands of seekers in Iran. Thousands of Bibles have been received; but like Azar, many people still need one.

Thank you for joining with us to plant these seeds. As the rain waters the earth, producing crops, so does God’s word achieve the purpose for which it is sent (Isaiah 55).

It is not easy to find Bibles in Iran. How do you produce Bibles in a country where doing so is illegal? Where do you store them? How do you distribute them? Ask God to protect the people doing these dangerous jobs.
Pray that God’s Word will make it into the hands of all those who need desperately to know Him. God is faithful to keep His promises; His word will not return empty