Day 1
Pray God raises up prayer teams for the Pashtuns.

The Pashtun peoples are the largest unreached, unengaged peoples in Central Asia – totaling over 51 million. They primarily reside in Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, due to war, economic hardship and seeking a better life, they are now found living in over thirty countries around the world. Pashtu is their traditional language, although many also speak Dari, the trade language of Afghanistan. Like most of the Islamic world, the Pashtun practice Sunni Islam.

Pray God will raise up prayer teams around the world committed to praying for this peoples this year and beyond. 

Pray God will do a BIG and MIGHTY work among a peoples who are opposed to change and in a land with much unrest. 

Pray God will send dreams and visions to Pashtun men, women and children. Pray their hearts will be ready and open to receive His Gospel message when they hear it. 

Prayer can move mountains and seeing over 51 million people come to Jesus is a big mountain, but that CAN BE DONE IN HIS NAME!!!

“The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful.” James 5:16b