Day 12
Pray that Iranians Will See the Truth of the Gospel

Folklore & Poetry

In Iranian folklore, the Cup of Jamshid is a cup of divine power and the subject of many poems. The cup is said to be filled with the elixir of immortality. Some say that the person who looks into the cup can see the seven heavens and other deep truths and mysteries.

Iran’s contribution to the world of literature– particularly epic poetry–is considerable. Hafez (14th century AD) is one of the most beloved poets. He wrote over 500 poems, most with major themes of love.

“Disputes of religions is but a false pretense, Having not seen the Truth, they speak nonsense. Thank God! There is peace between Him and me. So dancing mystics took their cups with glee.”

Like many Iranians, Hafez promotes a view that peace with God is possible apart from faith Jesus Christ. They hope that all paths will lead to heaven.

Please pray that Iranians will look to Jesus as the fountain of true, divine knowledge and that many will drink from His cup of eternal life.
Pray that Iranians will be convicted to seek out the truth of the gospel and that God will use whatever means to draw them to Himself.