Day 14
Pray doors open for Christians to enter Talysh communities to share the love of Christ.

Government controls on foreigners make it difficult to maintain a long-term presence in Talysh areas. In Iran, most Western foreigners are restricted to an official tourist itinerary, but even those foreigners with more freedom find it hard to access villages. In Azerbaijan, it’s a little bit easier to visit Talysh villages, but gaining residence permits to live there is extremely difficult.

Most Talysh are farmers who live in remote mountainous regions. Rice is grown in some areas, while in other areas the main crops are wheat and barley. Those near the Caspian Sea grow tea and citrus fruits and other fresh produce.

In small towns where everyone knows everything about everyone else it can sometimes be difficult for outsiders to find inroads; instead, they are met with distrust. Thus, there are also many social barriers to even visiting – much less living among – the Talysh farming communities.

Pray believers from within the Azeri and Iranian churches will gain a burden for the minority peoples living in their countries. They do not have the same restrictions foreigners do, but they still need God’s grace to help them cross socio-economic and cultural barriers.

Pray Christians who seek to enter these communities will find persons of peace who will open their hearts, their homes and their lives to them.

Pray believers seeking to share with the Talysh will proclaim the Good News with boldness, love and wisdom.

“And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.” Colossians 4:3