Day 15
Pray the Gospel will spread along relational lines.

Like most Central Asians, the Talysh are very communal. Family and friends take time to sit and share their lives with one another. Relationships are prioritized and having long discussions over hot cups of tea is an important part of the culture which is not to be overlooked. Often men are seen sitting outdoors playing games that are similar to backgammon and dominoes. Neighbors know one another and stop to chat when they pass on the street. Life moves at a slower pace, especially in the rural areas. Relationships are important to God, too. Throughout the book of Acts we see instances where whole households came to faith. This is a big help when persecution comes.

Pray the Good News of salvation through Jesus will spread along relational lines so that whole family networks will come to know Jesus together. 

Pray the Talysh who have come to faith while living, working or studying in the cities will return to their hometowns to boldly share the Good News with their families and friends. 

Pray evangelistic materials such as the Jesus film, Gospel recordings and scripture portions will be distributed and watched, listened to, and read by whole families together.

“[The Philippian jailer] was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God—he and his whole household.” Acts 16:34