Day 22
Pray Laki peoples will soon be able to read Scripture in their own language.

Do we need the Word of God in our heart languages? What if we can speak more than one language? What if we speak more than one language but only read in one language? These are questions Bible translators and others consider when creating and producing tools for different peoples. Sometimes, the answers are complex. There isn’t a Bible in the Laki language. Nor are there radio or television programs. But should there be? There is a video sharing the Gospel through the Life of Jesus in Laki. Is this enough?

Many Laki can read and speak Farsi, the national language of Iran. There are many Christians resources available in Farsi, including several different Bible translations, Christian books, videos and even online Bible course and trainings. Is this enough?

What about the Laki villager that never learned Farsi? He didn’t go to school much past the early elementary years, and from a young age, spent his life herding sheep and raising crops. All day he is with other Laki who speak his language. How will he learn about God’s love?

What about the young Laki girl, fluent in Farsi and participating in Persian culture but still hearing and speaking the Laki language with her parents and grandparents at home? Her family has passed their strong ethnic identity to her and she is proud of her heritage. God created her, and He created her as a Laki person. Would hearing God’s love for her in Laki be more meaningful?

It’s not one or the other, but both. The Farsi Bible and evangelism materials are used in reaching peoples like the Laki. But simultaneously, Scripture and gospel materials are needed in the Laki language. Reading the Bible in one’s own language is an important part of a person’s spiritual journey. Currently, portions of the Bible are being translated into the Laki language.

Please pray for those translating, editing and distributing the Laki Scriptures.

Pray God provides the people and finances for other video recordings to be made in the Laki language.

Pray many Laki will soon be able to read about God’s salvation for them in their own language.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105